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Valued Customer Benefits

As a customer of Central Oklahoma Winnelson Company, you receive the following benefits:

  • Certified RIDGID SeeSnake and Sewer Machine Repair Center.
  • Submersible Water Well Pump Testing Station.
  • Free Lunch Program (Come in 8 times and get a Free Lunch worth $9 at Earl's Rib Palace).
  • Free beverage with every visit (Coke, Pepsi, flavored sodas and water products).
  • $9.00 HOT SHOT Delivery in OKC Metro.
  • Emergency Phone Service.
  • Unlimited Inventory.
  • COW Mailing List.
  • COW Blog.   
  • Quick Credit Decisions.
  • Industry Experts (We help you find solutions and offer the best technical advice available in the business.
  • A customer loyalty program that includes Cabela's, the world's foremost hunting, fishing and outdoor outfitter.
  • Competitive Prices (Central Oklahoma Winnelson is part of the national wholesaling industry leader Winsupply).

COW Free Lunch Club

Take part in our customer loyalty FREE Lunch Club and earn a $9 Earl's Rib Palace gift card. To enroll, ask one of our friendly counter staff for the punch card shown below. For every purchase (once a day), we will punch your card. After your 8th purchase, take your completed punch card to Donna or Destiny for a $9 Earl's Rib Palace gift card. Thanks for participating and for your business. Happy Eating!


Winsupply Credit Application

Winsupply is now offering a company-wide, commercial charge card that may be used at any of the Winsupply Company's across the country. For example, it can be used at Winnelson, Winwater, Winlectric, etc. Though this is a credit card, it is considered a month-to-month charge account. This means that the balance is to be paid off at the end of each month. A bonus of the card is that it is not needed to make a purchase at one of our stores. Once you sign up, your information is saved in our computers, so all you need to make a purchase is your name. To fill out an application, please click on the resources tab and then the credit page tab.


Apply today for our commercial charge program and you'll receive:

  • Flexible payment options.
  • No application fee, no annual fee.
  • Different types of prize points.
  • 24/7 online account access at Commerical Charge Account.
  • Fraud protection with authorized buyer cards.
  • Download an online application on our Resources Page.
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